How The Lloyd Loom Weave Made History

Here is an old photo of a cute baby in a pushchair and no, it is not me!

Many of you will have heard of Lloyd Loom furniture – either by seeing family heirloom pieces or in modern contemporary restaurants, cafés, and bars. However, you may not be aware that the Lloyd Loom weave was first invented to replace the handwoven cane frames used to make prams and pushchairs! We now use our famous Lloyd Loom Weave in our contemporary furniture range that has an elegant and stylish design.

The Lloyd Loom Weave: Traditional Techniques Trusted for Generations

 In 1917 Marshall Burns-Lloyd, already credited with 200 patented inventions, invents a new form of weaving. This combined twisted paper and paper covered wire to create the Lloyd Loom fabric, a stronger, smoother, and longer lasting material than wicker.

It is in 1919 that Burns-Lloyd becomes the ‘Baby Carriage King’ by replacing hand woven wicker with Lloyd Loom material. He goes on to develop a new stylish furniture range when he realised that he could produce a chair five times more quickly using his new fabric. 

If you would like to see this in person, an original Marshall Burns-Lloyd baby carriage is available to view at the Maycroft Lloyd Loom Centre.

103 years later the Lloyd Loom weave is still being used extensively in the production of the traditional and contemporary range of furniture being supplied to by Maycroft Lloyd Loom!

A design that has been loved by generations

 Over 100 years have passed since the famous Lloyd Loom weave was invented and the Lloyd Loom journey began. Our contemporary furniture range is still high in demand due to its timeless stylings and sturdy finish. Since each furniture piece is still manufactured using the renowned Lloyd Loom weave technique, it is unsurprising that our furniture is still so popular today.

A Lloyd Loom piece is Forever

 A genuine Lloyd Loom piece truly stands the test of time, and our restoration service gives vintage Lloyd Loom pieces a new life. Armchairs, dining chairs, ottomans and even vintage linen baskets have been refinished to restore them to their original condition by our expert team. Lloyd Loom pieces can be restored to give them a new stylish and modern finish that is sure to complement any contemporary home.

Lloyd Loom has provided durable and elegant furniture since 1917. We pride ourselves on our trusted Lloyd Loom collection, that never fails to create traditional aesthetics and long-lasting, sturdy furniture for your home.

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