Maycroft Lloyd Loom FAQs

We take pride in offering quality Lloyd Loom furniture, which celebrate the style and classic design of these beautiful pieces.

 From our unique range of Lloyd Loom furniture to  professionally refurbished Lloyd loom pieces, we are the UK’s leading Lloyd Loom experts.

 Get in touch with our team or call Maycroft on 01274 296869 to learn more about our Lloyd Loom collection.

maycroft lloyd loom showroom

 1.      What colour options are available?

We have 13 standard Lloyd Loom colour options, but for a small surcharge you can have any paint colour from any paint supplier. Call us to learn more.

lloyd loom furniture colours

2.      What fabrics can I choose from?

There are fabric 27 different fabric options to choose from (see our sample request page) but if you wish to supply your own fabric then that is not a problem.


3.      What is the lead time for bespoke orders?

Usually, it takes up to 4-6  weeks depending on customer location and upholstery requirements.


4.      What is your delivery cost?

It varies depending on location and size of order. We will always quote the price before you place any orders.


5.      Can gloss paint be removed from Lloyd loom weave?

Unfortunately, not. The paper weave can easily be damaged if solvents are used to remove the paint.


6.      Can you repair Lloyd loom?

We can normally repair the horizontal strands within the weave as they are made from twisted paper. However, the vertical strands have the wire core and if these are broken then they cannot be repaired. We need to see photos of any damage before confirming whether the repair can be done and to assess the cost. We offer bespoke Lloyd Loom restoration services – get in touch to learn more!

lloyds loom restoration services

7.      Can Lloyd loom furniture be left outdoors?

Lloyd Loom weave is made from painted paper and cannot be left outside. However, we have developed a range of outdoor Lloyd Loom furniture that has a plastic weave, which can be left outside.

outdoor lloyd loom furniture

8.      Where can I see your furniture range?

You can see our range of furniture in our Showroom based in Gomersal, West Yorkshire (BD19 4LB). The Showroom is open by appointment only.


9.      Is Vintage Lloyd loom Valuable?

Generally, vintage pieces are not particularly valuable, but tend to have sentimental value, having often been passed down by family members. Pieces from the 1920’s can be valuable and some rarer pieces such as the Bauhaus style chrome legged chairs.

Looking for a beautiful and timeless vintage Lloyd Loom piece? Don’t forget to check our range of professionally restored and refurbished Lloyd Loom furniture.


10. Does the original Lloyd loom company still exist?

The first UK company to make Lloyd Loom was Lusty. They went out of business in the 1960’s. The only other major UK manufacturer was Lloyd Loom of Spalding, but they went into receivership in 2016. Due to economic pressures, there are no longer any manufacturers of Lloyd Loom in the UK. All Lloyd Loom companies that sell in the UK, use highly skilled workers in Indonesian factories to make the frames and weave. These are then finished in UK warehouses.

 Want to learn more about the history of Lloyd Loom baskets? Check out our blog!


11. How do you identify Lloyd loom?

You can identify Lloyd Loom weave by using a magnet, which will be attracted to the steel core of the vertical weave. Older Lusty pieces will have a label under the frame and in more modern times, metal badges were attached to the back of all Lloyd Loom pieces. Check our guide on how to identify originally Lloyd Loom furniture or get in touch to receive our professional help.


12. What is Lloyd loom made from?

Lloyd Loom is made from strands of twisted Kraft paper with a thin wire core.

what is lloyd loom made from

13. Can you supply paint for Lloyd loom?

We generally don’t supply paint, but we can supply “touch up” pots for existing customers.


14. Can you buy replacement cushions for Lloyd loom?

Yes, we can supply replacement cushions for our brand of Lloyd Loom furniture.


15. Who owns Maycroft Lloyd Loom?

Maycroft Lloyd Loom is the trading name of Croft House Concepts Ltd, a 25 year old family business, owned by Ian Pruchniewicz and his 3 sons.