How to buy Lloyd Loom furniture at lower prices

When times are tough and budgets limited, there are options to save money and still enjoy beautiful pieces of Lloyd Loom furniture from Maycroft Lloyd Loom. As with everything we are buying today, inflation in raw materials has pushed up the prices of all types of furniture. The Lloyd Loom furniture industry has not been immune to these cost increases. For some years now, in addition to restoring furniture for many clients all over the UK, Maycroft has been buying used pieces of Lloyd Loom furniture and fully restoring them to “as new” condition.

Furniture refreshed and made to perfection 

After cleaning the pieces, fixing any frame and weave issues, the chairs are fully repainted in the special paints developed for us with the Lloyd Loom weave. Regardless of the age of the furniture, the finished result means that the pieces are as good as the day they originally left the factory. The benefit of this process is that the chairs can be sold at 50-60% of the price of the equivalent chair available today. Take a look at our furniture collection here.

Save money on furniture with Maycroft

There is a small range of these restored Lloyd Loom pieces on our website but we have a large quantity of stock awaiting restoration, so please feel free to call us on 01274 296869 or email us online for more information.

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