Lloyd Loom Colours Options: How an Iconic Lloyd Loom Piece can also be Timeless

Lloyd Loom Colours Options: How an Iconic Lloyd Loom Piece can also be Timeless

What’s the original colour of a Lloyd Loom chair?

The twisted paper that is used in the process of making the Lloyd Loom weave, in its natural state, is beige/brown. In the early days, the weave was sealed with a type of varnish to protect the weave. The end result was a woven fabric that looked like the wicker and cane that had previously been used to make prams and pushchairs, for which this new weave was primarily being used.

lloyd loom restoration dining chair beforelloyd loom restoration dining chair after

Lloyd Loom furniture as a fashion adornment

Once the Lloyd Loom weave was seen to be a great medium for the upholstering of furniture, colour choice became more of an issue. In line with the taste for the period, colours such as green, burgundy and gold became firm favourites and many of these pieces, in their original colours can be found today.

In the modern era, there is more demand for contemporary colours that can be matched to the palette of each room. Here, at Maycroft Lloyd Loom, there is a range of 13 standard colours, but in fact, any colour from any of the many paint manufacturers can be matched and supplied.

All our original Lloyd Loom furniture is available in a wide range of colours, to match any room and ambient, from the most classic bedroom to more contemporary and vibrant dining rooms.

Besides, as the leading Lloyd Loom retailer in the UK, we are able to provide bespoke colour and fabric options for all new furniture orders.

Get in touch with our team to request a sample or call us to discuss any special requirements for your order.

lloyd loom ottoman restoration before
lloyd loom ottoman restoration after

Preserving the Past, for a Colourful Future

Here at Maycroft Lloyd Loom, we are passionate about offering the best vintage and original Lloyd Loom pieces, with a focus on tradition. For this reason, we provide a wide colour palette that includes several weave colours. As a matter of interest, the “Natural” finish of the sealed paper weave is still available but is no longer a major seller.

Much of the Lloyd Loom restoration work that is done relates to heirloom pieces that were once enjoyed for many years by Grannies, Mums and Aunts. Not wanting to lose the memories that these pieces invoke, the inherited pieces are brought to Maycroft to be restored and brought up to date with modern colours so that they can fit in with today’s modern homes.

lloyd loom restoration chair beforelloyd loom restoration chair after

For more information about our Lloyd Loom colours and restoration services please get in touch with our team. We are always happy to try and accommodate all our customers’ requests.

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