Lisa Myacroft Lloyd Loom staff

Meet Lisa, the heart of Maycroft’s Outstanding Personal Customer Service

A “Hybrid” E-commerce Experience

The Internet is a great way to find new customers and for many e-commerce websites “click and purchase” and “1-click buying” work very well.

However, at Maycroft, we believe in a more “hybrid” e-commerce experience. While our website serves as an online showroom, where stock items can be purchased in a few clicks, we still strongly encourage those clients who want to discuss all the options available to contact us directly by email or phone. In other words, we are committed to providing each client with the best shopping experience for their needs and circumstances. From impulsive, passionate one-click shoppers to more premeditated purchases, there are several ways to discover, buy and fall in love with our beautiful Lloyd Loom furniture.

Maycroft’s Bespoke Customer Service

The primary contact at Maycroft Lloyd Loom is Lisa Jagger, who is our Sales Account Manager. Lisa has been with Maycroft for 6 years and she has now built up a wide knowledge of not only Lloyd Loom market in general, but also Maycroft’s wide range of exclusive product options. Lisa came to Maycroft with a wide experience of customer service resulting from running her own company for a number of years, and she is now the first and main point of contact for those who are either delving into Lloyd Loom furniture for the first time or looking to buy yet another beautiful piece for their collection.

Lisa’s pleasant, friendly manner is very much appreciated by customers and staff alike. She instils great confidence in customers, who are entrusting us with their orders for furniture that they have sometimes not even tried or seen! Helping to make product choices and discussing colour options is Lisa’s forte, and she is the best person to help even the most hesitant and undecisive client choose the best Lloyd Loom piece to compliment their house.

Lisa is always busy ensuring that all our customers enjoy the best possible experience, and she follows every step of the sales process, which often involves several phone calls and emails. Very often Lisa sends samples of Lloyd Loom weave colours and fabrics to help clients make an informed choice and to show them the quality of our furniture.

Lisa Lloyd Loom staff

Providing our Customers with the Best Shopping Experience

Thanks to Lisa’s hard and passionate work, Maycroft Lloyd Loom has many satisfied Trade and Retail customers, who very often mention Lisa when they kindly leave comments in the Review section of our website.

Lisa is an integral part of the Maycroft Lloyd Loom family, and her efforts are very much appreciated by Management and customers alike.

If you wish to discuss the Lloyd Loom furniture range available from Maycroft with Lisa, then give her a call on 01274 296869 or email her at

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