Record year for Lloyd Loom restorations - 461 individual pieces in the last 12 months!

Record year for Lloyd Loom restorations - 461 individual pieces in the last 12 months!

Lloyd Loom furniture is made of a super-strong material, which is sturdy yet elegant and can last for several decades if carefully taken care of. However, after decades of use and, in several cases, sun exposure, many classic Lloyd Loom pieces can fade or be damaged. All they need is a little care and expert attention to be brought back to life, and add a touch of retro design to your home

Here at Maycroft Lloyd Loom, we have already restored and repainted hundreds of Lloyd Loom vintage pieces. Nevertheless, over the past 12 months, we have excelled ourselves in the number of exquisite Lloyd Loom pieces that we have refurbished, making our lovely customers happy.


A record-breaking year

This has been a successful year for Maycroft Lloyd Loom.

Over the last 12 months, we have restored 461 pieces of Lloyd Loom furniture, creating a new life for these old pieces and making them the perfect additions to more modern ambiences.

Here are some examples of the beautiful vintage Lloyd Loom pieces that our experts have fully refurbished:






Maycroft Lloyd Loom’s professional restoration services

We offer professional Lloyd Loom repainting and refurbishment services. To make sure that your furniture is fully restored and brought back to its original splendour, we follow a very meticulous process that includes:

  • We deep clean the furniture weave, following its natural texture
  • We repair any weave damage, where possible
  • We spray the item with a specially developed base coat of paint
  • Once the paint has dried, we spray each piece once again to get a deep cover and a vibrant colour

We operate a collection and delivery service nationwide, meaning that we can take care of your Lloyd Loom furniture wherever you are in the UK.


If you want to learn more about our refurbishment services or if you are the lucky owner of a unique Lloyd Loom vintage piece that needs to be restored, you can get in touch with us.

Call us on 01274 296 869 for further information, or email Don’t forget to send us a few photos of your pieces for assessment and soon your grandma’s old Lloyd Lood armchair or table will be brought back to all its glory!

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