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The Difference Between Single Weave & Double Weave Lloyd Loom Chairs?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a single weave and a double weave back feature on a Lloyd Loom dining chair? We have created a guide to answer this very question for you!

Single Weave Back

Lloyd Loom Chair Single Weave Back

A single weave back features only one 'skin' of Loom weave to the front of the chair (this would be where your back would rest against), leaving the back of the chair open to show off the solid beech bentwood frame. A well known example of single weave Lloyd Loom chairs are the Bistro dining chairs featured in Betty's Tearooms in Harrogate and York (shown below).

Betty's Tea Rooms

Betty's Lloyd Loom Bistro Dining Chairs

Double Weave Back

Lloyd Loom Double Weave Back

A double weave back on the other hand, features two 'skins' of Loom weave to the front of the chair and to the back of the chair, covering up the bentwood frame and filling in the open back of the chair.

There is essentially no structural variation between the two styles of chair, the options only provide aesthetic differences... In a nutshell, it all comes down to which chair you prefer the look of!

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