Burghley House: A New Exciting Restoration Project for Maycroft Lloyd Loom

Burghley House: A New Exciting Restoration Project for Maycroft Lloyd Loom

In October 2021, Maycroft Lloyd Loom was contacted by the Orangery Restaurant at Burghley House, to look at the project of restoring 124 Lloyd Loom dining chairs. Interestingly, according to Matthew Fullerton of Burghley House, Maycroft had been recommended by another Lloyd Loom supplier! Prior to that they had asked a couple of local companies to look at refurbishing the chairs, but the outcome was disastrous!

burghley house lloyd loom restoration project

The Restoration Process

The chairs had previously been painted in a brown stain and were in poor condition, with some light weave damage and the paper weave visible through the paint. The brass ferrules were also heavily tarnished.

The chairs were collected and taken to Maycroft Lloyd Loom’s Cleckheaton warehouse where they went through a thorough restoration process. After some deliberation and seeing an initial sample, the client chose Maycroft’s standard “Caramel” paint colour.

Apart from the cleaning and repainting, the brass leg ferrules were polished back to their original state. The end result being that the chairs look as good as the day that they were first delivered some 10 years ago!

We were impressed by the professionalism of Maycroft Lloyd Loom and really pleased with the way the chairs now look in The Orangery at Burghley House”, commented Matt Fullerton.

lloyd loom chair restoration beforelloyd loom chair restoration after

The beautiful Lloyd Loom dining chairs at Burghley House - before and after our restoration project

Looking for Lloyd Loom Restoration services?

Here at Maycroft Lloyd Loom, we are leading providers of professional Lloyd Loom restoration services. Whether you are looking to restore your Grandma’s beautiful Lloyd Loom linen basket, or you are a business in need of Lloyd Loom restoration, we are here to help.

Over the past years, we have worked with a large number of clients, including businesses and venues operating in the hospitality industry. Our Lloyd Loom restoration works can be found in many historical venues all around the UK, but also in the houses of our beloved clients, who have entrusted us with their previous pieces.

We are committed to creating a new life for your furniture, with our wide range of available Lloyd Loom wave colours, while respecting the history of each piece and without altering the features that make Lloyd Loom furniture so iconic and timeless.

Don't forget to check out our Lloyd Loom Manufacturing website, for Lloyd Loom refurbishment projects on a large scale.

For advice about your Lloyd Loom restoration, whether it be for hundreds of restaurant chairs or a single armchair, contact Maycroft on 01274 296869 or email lisa@lloydloom-uk.co.uk

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